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Version: 1.3

Program available in: English

Program license: Free

Program by: Smart-X

Works under:Windows 8

AppLocker is a Windows application that helps users select the applications and files that others can run on the system. With the software, it's possible to control executables, scripts, installer files, and libraries.

It's a great application for network or computer administrators that need to restrict the way devices can be used. Users are able to define specific rules for file use based on file attributes, product name, and version history.

Technically advanced users can assign rules to security groups, create rule exceptions, or use an audit-only mode to deploy policy changes before enforcing them. Rules can even be modified on a staging server before they're exported to a development environment.


  • Great for network or system administrators that need to control system use
  • Simplifies process behind rule creation and modification with staging server


  • Difficult for laymen to use